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You can check product warranty by submitting the project detail or please read the information below

Warranty Covers

The hardware warranty for the product is for a period of 12 months from the original date of purchase.

The warranty applies only to the original consumer purchaser of the product (customer) and is not assignable or transferrable for any subsequent consumer.

The warranty is good only to the consumer during the warranty period.

During the warranty period, PT. Starfid Internet Segala will repair or replace any defective product or component at PT. Starfid Internet Segala's option, with new or rebuilt items. The product will be returned to the consumer in working condition. No charges for parts or labor in repair or replacement of the product will be incurred by the customer. Any items that are replaced will become the property of PT. Starfid Internet Segala.

The customer must provice proof of purchased if request by PT. Starfid Internet Segala.

Does Not Covers

This warranty does not apply if the product has not been used in accordance with the instructions or not used in its normal and customary manner

This warranty does not apply to any defect, deterioration, loss or injury or damage occasioned by, or as a result of the misuse, neglect, abuse, accident, negligent handing, improper maintenance, improper storage, abnormal use, abnormal conditions.

This warranty will not apply if the customer does not notify PT. Starfid Internet Segala of the alleged defect or malfunction of the product within the applicable warranty period.

This warranty does not cover damage from lack of cleaning or maintenance.

This warranty does not cover damage resulting from non approved third party software.

This warranty is void if there is evidence of the product being tampered with by unauthorized persons/company.