Security & Performance

How to fix performance and problems caused by Windows OS/Server

Caused by display
Missing file
Caused by Windows
Folder exclusion
Display Setting

Boost Performance

Monitor has refreshing rate of its own. Lag can caused by the monitor refresh rate. If you are on a high-resolution display, you may want to reduce the resolution to a lesser value. Go to Windows Settings > Display > Scale and Layout, then change Display Resolution.

Windows Security

Restore Missing File

If software having misbehaviour, the software or some components may missing during false scan by Windows Anti . To restore the missing file, go to Windows Settings > Update & > Windows > & protection > Protection History > then take action on the missing file


Removal Prevention

To prevent Windows false scan our software, go to Windows Settings > Update & > Windows > & protection. Under & protection settings click Manage settings. Scroll down until you find Add or remove exclusions.