Internet of Things

We make automation tools
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Since 2007
Legal Information

Started in 2007

We are working with many great people in this field since we developed the very first integration in 2007. By 2020 we developed RFID product and service to 15 universities with experiences to more than 8 local softwares, many different RFID factories and million RFID items.


Registered Trademark

We want to emphasis RFID in our brand identity but we also want user to pronounce our company name with easy. The word "Star" is picked because it's short and end with the letter R (for RFID) and the .com TLD was available at that time. Trademark & Logo is a text based with Sans-Serif font type, registered in Indonesia, patent number .


Company Information

Starfid Internet Segala is Indonesian private company. Internet-of-Things in Indonesia is translated Internet untuk Segala. As an IOT focused company we have mission to blur lines between the internet and physical worlds. Our company is registered in Indonesia, number .