Custom RFID Card

Ready to use RFID card with pre-installed individual data. Include with printed name, number & barcode

Pre-Installed Data
Individual User
Name & Number
Printed barcode
Custom RFID Card

Custom RFID Card

Starfid RFID card represents simplicity, security and privacy. It builds on the incredible ease that encourages user to secure every transactions. You can use RFID card in no time and start using it right away with pre installed user data. Because it use radio wave technology you can place the card on top of book stack for instant library check-out



RFID operations

Library standard ISO 15693

Whole dimension L/W/H

85 mm x 54 mm x 1 mm

Print include

Individual name, number & barcode

RFID data include

Individual user

Compatible with non-RFID

Printed Barcode




Data Storage

Our RFID card have user memory to store individual card holder data. This data stored inside 1mm thin RFID card. Transaction is easy with RFID technology, you can put RFID card together on top of book stack for easy checkout


Works with non-RFID

Compatibility and easy-of-use are our top priority. Conventional transaction can be done with regular barcode, printed rear-side of the card. This barcode is pre-printed and contain each individual user data.