RFID Security Gate

Theft prevention with the integration of EAS in RFID

Multi Detections
Different angle
Remote Control
Volume up & down
Indonesian Vocal
RFID Security Gate

Multi-angle Detection

We started with a beautiful see-through transparent acrylic. This care, this consideration extends to how we protect all of the important assets that are carried-out by library users. Starfid RFID Security Gate is our most refined gate to date. it's the remarkable innovation inside the gate that sets a new precedent. Our gate is not only read at book standing position, but also at lay-down book position.



RFID operations

Frequency 13,56 Mhz. ISO 15693. EAS support

Whole dimension L/W/H

1664 mm x 636 mm x 118 mm


Indonesian vocalization

Remote Control

AA battery. Volume up & down

Visitor counter

Infrared sensor with LED counter

Hardware warranty

1 year sparepart warranty

Finger print


Patron can use regular barcode card, RFID card, touchscreen PIN or by our built-in fingerprint sensor. With integrated forensic camera, staff can re-watch any transaction shot to match with the individual person

Finger print

Web Integration

More than 13 years experience in RFID integration to local library software, web and desktop, and to any various database. We developed special middleware script with easy settings to bridge the gap between our RFID to your server