RFID Multi Purpose

A single touch will checkout, checkin and renew your multiple items at once. Secured by your fingerprint

Multi Functions
Selfcheck & tagging
Min. Maintenance
Standard sparepart
Fingerprint sensor
RFID Selfcheck

Selfcheck & Tagging

Our intention is always to create selfcheck machine that disappears into the experience. The minimalistic table was engineered to fold & seamlessly integrated with RFID fingerprint sensors. A single touch will checkout, checkin or renew your multiple items at once. There's no more multiple RFID tools because Starfid RFID Multi Purpose can do transaction and tagging to save budget.



RFID operations

Frequency 13,56 Mhz. ISO 15693. EAS support

Table dimension H/W/L/Thickness

850mm x 500mm x 660mm. 35mm

Fingerprint sensor

Resolution 512 dpi. Area 14,6mm x 18,1mm

Standard PC sparepart

Any AIO touch, thermal printer & barcode scanner

Hardware warranty

1 year hardware warranty. Sparepart & replacement

Software warranty

Lifetime support for integration & updates



Patron can use regular barcode card, RFID card, touchscreen PIN or by our built-in fingerprint sensor. With integrated forensic camera, staff can re-watch any transaction photo-shot to match with the individual person


Web Integration

More than 13 years experience in RFID integration to local library software, web and desktop, and to any various database. We developed special middleware script with easy settings to bridge the gap between our RFID to your server